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Why Join Us?

As a member you will get access to a network of other Zimbabwean owned, led, or managed businesses and have a platform to market and promote your business.


Other key benefits include:

  • Representation and promotion of your business interests to the Dubai government through the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

  • Strategic engagement and networking opportunities with access to carefully structured platforms and programs through the year.

  • Access to industry insights and experiences as our membership will span across various sectors and industries.

  • A platform for members to market and promote their businesses. Members will also have access to a directory of other members and their businesses.

  • A more focused and structured portal for information from UAE and Dubai government, the Zimbabwean Embassy and Zimbabwean government.

  • Access to social programs such as charitable activities as determined by the CSR unit of the council.

  • Speaking and moderating opportunities for members at council events and gatherings.



The following companies and individuals are eligible for membership:

  • Companies conducting business in the UAE with at least one partner being a Zimbabwean citizen.

  • Local branches of Zimbabwean companies.

  • Local agents, distributors or representatives of Zimbabwean companies in UAE.

  • UAE companies having regular business activities with Zimbabwean companies.

  • Zimbabwean citizens and individuals of Zimbabwean origin working as professionals in the UAE.

  • Companies which are based in Zimbabwe and conducting regular business activities in the UAE.

Membership Payments



This shall be open to Zimbabwean companies established in the UAE with more than 50 employees, and which either have Zimbabwean shareholding or ultimate Zimbabwean ownership and/or management.



Shall be open to Zimbabwean citizens and permanent residents of Zimbabwe who are senior members and/or professionals of either Zimbabwean or non-Zimbabwean entities established in the UAE or aspiring business people.



Shall be open to Zimbabwean businesses with less than 50 employees including solely owned establishments.



Shall be open to officers of the Zimbabwean Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Zimbabwean consulate representative(s) in Dubai.



Open to individuals or companies who carry on business with, or are in a joint venture or management contract with a Zimbabwean business, or a business which is managed or operated substantially by Zimbabwean professionals, or which otherwise has a special nexus with the Zimbabwean business community.



Shall be open to those Zimbabwean citizens enrolled in educational institutions in UAE.

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