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About Us

We are Zimbabwean Business Council UAE (ZIBCO), a Non-Profit, member based, association comprised of businesses and individuals primarily domiciled in the United Arab Emirates. The main mandate of the council is to support, promote and represent the business interests of its members in the UAE through formal representation with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


We aim to be a coordinated and well networked business community bringing together, knowledge, expertise and connectivity which promotes synergies and scale opportunities, in turn improving the flow of business within and between members and the two countries. The council will provide a soft landing for Zimbabwean businesses coming to the UAE and also UAE businesses looking to enter the Zimbabwean market.


ZIBCO is licensed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.


To provide a platform for Zimbabweans in the UAE to network, conduct business and share valued experiences with the common goal of building relations for the betterment of the members and the two countries.


To have vibrant and active business engagements, representation and value creation for members and partners.


  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Openness

  • Respect

  • Inclusivity

  • Innovation


Main Objectives

  • Promotion of the commercial interests of Zimbabwean businesses and Zimbabweans in the UAE

  • Promotion of Zimbabwean owned, UAE registered companies and their goods and services in the UAE

  • Strengthening trade relations between Zimbabwean Companies, Zimbabwean business people, and other companies in the UAE.

  • Contributing towards increasing trade volumes between Zimbabwe and the UAE

  • Being the representative voice of the members in the UAE and Zimbabwe


Letter from the Chairman.

Titambire, salibonani, welcome to the Zimbabwean Business Council in the United Arab Emirates, a platform for businesses operating or having a linkage with the UAE to come together and collaborate, network, and facilitate dialogue.


The Council is a Non-Profit making association whose main mandate is to support, promote and represent the business interests of the members in the UAE. The membership of the council mainly comprises of Zimbabwean owned or co-owned businesses, non-Zimbabwean businesses with a business relationship with Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean professionals living and working in the UAE and GCC at large, Students and representatives from the Zimbabwean Embassy in the UAE.


Among other things, the business council aims to:


  1. Create a vibrant and open platform which discusses opportunities, facilitates collaboration and promote networking between and among the members for the benefit of their individual businesses and countries.

  2. Participate in engagements between the host and originating country Business Chambers as well as consulates.

  3. Support trade through information exchange and facilitating engagements which allow for identification of areas of economies of scale and opportunity.

  4. Support marketing of businesses through Business to Business as well as Business to Client engagements.

  5. Be a central repository of members and their businesses and be a key business directory.

  6. Coordinate investment opportunities through various formal fundraising opportunities permissible by law both in the host and originating country.

  7. Work with the consulate to organize and facilitate events and host delegates from origin country and be a platform to introduce Zimbabwean businesses and products into the UAE market.


We welcome you to our community and we look forward to your invaluable contributions.

Thank you, Tinotenda, Siyabonga.

Board Of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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